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Blog #1: Welcome to Solemn Strength

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

I thought that for my first blog post (ever), I would give a short introduction into my general fitness philosophy. I believe that being fit and prepared for the demands of life is paramount, but we need not be ostentatious with our fitness. We can be solemn. We can proudly march forward with the knowledge that we have put in the work to achieve our goals and be our best selves without potentially discouraging others who have not had the opportunity or ability to pursue their strengths like we have. I think that positivity and encouragement should play a bigger role in how our society perceives and avails health and fitness. We have lost many of our natural health-sustaining abilities and habits over the last few decades, and reestablishing those is a bit of an uphill journey. That is why I have made it my life's goal to help create a more inclusive, creative, playful, uplifting culture around fitness and movement.

That's all for now.


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